Carolina Rodríguez Fuenmayor

I’m a visual artist from Bogotá, Colombia.  My work is focused on the illustration field using drawing as the main resource to develop my projects. Currently, I am part of a traditional graphic arts collective and studio known as “Taller Trez and I also work as a freelancer in the editorial world.

With my work I represent the matters of life that amaze me. I intend to explain through images what I consider important and sometimes simple of this universe in which we live, dream and die.

I would like my images to be able to show universes in which the human figure, galaxies and nature become one. Where these elements that converge in imaginary worlds are capable of subverting the everyday life and boredom, providing them with fantasy, surrealism and science fiction. For me this has become a way to give meaning to my everyday life.

I love gardening, sushi and tea and I also work in a vinyl store.